(i) and the avatars

surface choreography
with Nooshin Askari

The impossibility of translation excites me.
In the same room with you, I want to see how:

to be frozen
to call back again
to have my image with no background (Kinect+OF[47] )
to face the camera
to have the camera pass through my body
to have a hollow body
to hear someone while seeing someone else
to cover my image
to fast forward my voice
to see myself all the time
to have my image clear but yours glitchy 
to smooth out my skin
to change the quality of your image
to separate image and sound,
to have my sound next to your ear
to mute my voice or other’s
to hear through the image
to be in the border of the frame
to fill up my memory and how to manage storage usage
to take change my distance
to install your image on different surfaces (Kitchen, front yard, toilet)
to project your image on different surfaces (cabinets, walls, small pieces of cloth)
to hear you from a pot
to let others choosing the frame that I will look through
to distinguish between being there and being frozen
to have more than one body
to change your scale


spending time in IMVU instant messenger, organizing gatherings, as well as decorating figures, with digital body parts, clothes, movements and accessories. we’ve used the space for workshops, parties and intimate gatherings, while carefully figure out how to challenge from within the app, the normative framework that is suggested by its creators.

how to refuse the imposed heteronormative Barbie culture embedded in the aesthetics available by the app and yet still be present and Say something?


how to feel the digital representation of a physical memory?
how to revisit an image of a lived expirience? 
how to live in the image of a lived experience?

what is there to gather around?