setareh fatehi cv born in 1984 based in Tehran & Amsterdam. education 2021-2022 PEERS pre PHD program, ZHDK, Zurich 2017-2019 MA choreography, DAS choreography, Amsterdam 2008-2012 BA choreography, School for new dance development(SNDO), Amsterdam 2002-2008 B.Sc Polymer engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology (AUT), Tehran. occupation freelance artist, mentor, lecturer, choreographer, performer since 2012 co-director of JACUZZI artist-run dance-space in Amsterdam since2017 guest member of Jury and reviewer in SNDO, DASchoreography AHK,HKU Utrecht and SKH stockholm  since 2018. works TAMASHA/ hosting u hosting (i)with katerina bakatsaki, saina salarian & reyhaneh mehra Performance-installation 2022 FLAM festival of live art, Amsterdam (i) the disabled IRL, Orient institute CME conference, Istanbul (i) a diasporic parallax with kamran behrouz, Orient institute CME conference, Tehran/Zurich Multitudes of (i) with ogutu muraya, Veem Huis voor performance, Amsterdam/Nairobi swim او performance-installation 2019-2020 with yalda pakzad, nooshin askari, reyhan khakinejad, behrang najafi & s m snider  Cinedans 2020////Cancelled due to COVID19 measures Veem Huis voor performance, (at the same time) in Amsterdam,Tehran,Brussels ADE Amsterdam dance event/BodyDrop, (at the same time) in Amsterdam, Tehran, Frankfurt, Fuman WTF queer night Vrankrijk, (at the same time) in Amsterdam, Tehran, Karaj DAS choreography/Grootlab,(at the same time) in Amsterdam, Tehran, Karaj Bodiless heads: Report of an image series of lecture-performances 2017-2020 collaboration with shahrzad irannejad borders, bodies, flux and fluidity : Orient institute, Istanbul A report of an image : Untimelyfestival, Tehran Ideas in Flux and Bodies in Movement : BRISMES Annual Conference, Edinburgh healthy Body in the medieval Islamicate World : Alte Medizin conference, Mainz from Anarak to Mainz : IPPT conference HKU, Utrecht  two-cities simultaneous events 2018-2019 VA residency-DAS choreography seminar (at the same time) in Isfahan, Amsterdam BAZ-JACUZZI XI-XI (at the same time) in Tehran, Amsterdam synk part1 VR installation 2018 collaboration with frederick rodrigues IDlab residency presentation, Amsterdam Cinedans VRlab, Amsterdam dance of pointy clouds performance 2018-2019 with yalda pakzad & frederick rodrigues YAA award opening presentation of the supported artists in Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam Fajr festival 1396 TRY OUT section, Tehran o solos one on one online dance solos 2017-2021 Alpenhof Residency (at the same time) in Alpenhof-Tehran DAS choreography Residency (at the same time) in Amsterdam-Tehran-Rome-Paris تجربه ی باز شماره ی یک performance  2016 collaboration with yalda pakzad BAZ cafe , Tehran bodiless heads # simulacrum performance 2015-2016 collaboration with pouya ehsaei, tara fatehi irani & frederick rodrigues a corner in the world festival, Istanbul FLAM festival of live art, Amsterdam heavier than air VR video work 2014 collaboration with karin verbruggen & frederick rodrigues spoffin festival Amersfoort Zeecontainer programma van Over het Ij festival, Amsterdam it’s just a second performance 2012-2013 with olivia reschofsky, frederick rodrigues Meer en Vaart theater/Dans’n west festival, Amsterdam...FRASLAB/ Frascati Theater, Amsterdam Mohsen Gallery, TehranEastGallery, Tehran Uferstudios, BerlinFrascati WG Theater, Amsterdam workshops Parallaxing (i) walking 2022 SKH uniarts MA of Artistic Research, Stockholm come closer 2022 with jacuzzi collective Oude Kerk come closer closing event, Amsterdam TAMASHA 2021 with Katerina Bakatsaki SNDO (school for new dance development), Amsterdam.  raghs-e-man/ my dance 2019-2020online: open for mothers of friends and friends of mothers (based in iran). live-body-image 2020 HKU ‘department of artistic processes’ with leonie kuipers hosted by Juliette Bogers/UtrechtDAS research 'embodied knowledge teacher research group' hosted by Marijn de Langen/Amsterdam DAS choreography ‘Thursday online gatherings’ hosted by Jeroen Fabius/Amsterdam. s .و . w. ا . i . m . 2018-2020SNDO: 4 hours of online MasterClass, Online VA-space: two weeks residency, Isfahan Jacuzzi flowers: hosted by Richard John Jones, Amsterdam Jacuzzi Mondays: weekly sharing of movement practices, Amsterdam. live cinema choreographic lab 2018-2019 with Noha Ramadan SNDO, Amsterdam. crosstalk choreography and coding laboratory 2015-2016 with frederick rodrigues K gallery, Tehran MSGSU Modern Dance Department Mimar Sinan Uni, Istanbul how to wash assholes? 2016 QUIRISTAN occi’s toilet, Amsterdam. paadarhavaa  movement research, my body my dance 2013-2014 mis-en-scene school of performing arts, Tehran Independent Tehran Theatre Center, Tehran. Where is Home? 2014 workshop assistant for Katerina Bakatsaki Tehran Art university mentors , advisers and reviewers sher doruff, katerina bakatsaki, natascha sadr haghighian, giulia palladini, shahrzad irannejad, mehraneh atashi, ashkan sepahvand, alice chauchat, naghmeh samini, deborah hay, jennifer lacy, yael davis, paz rojo, bojana mladenovic, jeroen fabius, ivo dimchev, ali moini, meg stuart, mohammad abbasi, robert stijn, ria higler, asghar dashti, igor dobricic, andre Lepecki, arnout mik, hooman sharifi performing 2020 mercedes azpilicueta: The Captive: Here's a Heart for Every Fate, Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven. 2019 arefeh riahi : UN/FOLDING interventions (solo performance) De Apple, Amsterdam. 2017 noha ramadan : PARATACTICAL (performance) Julidans festival, Amsterdam. 2017 andrea bozic & julia wilms: Mile of Wool (performance) , Frascati, Amsterdam. 2016 mercedes azpilicueta : Molecular Love (performance-installation) Rijksakademie, Amsterdam. 2014 nicoline van harskamp : Englishes (online open course) UVA and Sandberg institute, Amsterdam. 2014 dries verhoeven : Niemandsland (performance) Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Athens. 2013 ivana muller : In Common (performance) Teatro Nacional Dona Maria, Lisbon. 2011 ann liv young : 37 Sherries (performance) Frascati theater, Amsterdam. 2010 amir asani & amir kianpour : At that moment those watchful eyes (solo performance) Azad Art Gallery, Tehran. 2010 deborah hay : Breaking the Chord (performance) SPRING festival, Utrecht. 2010 saba riazi : The wind is blowing in the Street (short movie) Sundance film festival, NYC, Tehran residencies and grants 2019 residency Veem Huis voor Performance, Amsterdam. 2019 residency VAspace hosted by Samira Hashemi and Mona Aghabababyi, Isfahan. 2019 residency New Media Society hosted by Amirali Ghasemi, Tehran. 2018 residency IDlab hosted by Erik Lint, Amsterdam. 2018 residency VRlab hosted by Cinedans, Amsterdam. 2018 residency BonGah hosted by Mahmoud Bakhshi, Tehran 2018. grant YAA award youngartsupportamsterdam, Amsterdam. 2017 fellowship Artscabinet, London. 2017 master class Bodyweather with Katerina Bakatsaki, Amsterdam. 2014 grant AFK Amsterdam Fonds voor de kunst, Amsterdam. 2013 scholarship Danceweb mentored by Ivo Dimchev, Vienna 2013. spring Academy, Utrecht. 2013 residency Fraslab, Amsterdam. 2012 residency Europe in Motion, Vienna. shortlisted 2021 Rijksakademie residency, Amsterdam. 2019 3 package deal AFK grant, Amsterdam. 2017 Chevening scholarship, London.