TAMASHA : hosting u hosting (i)

 with Katerina Bakatsaki
Reyhaneh Mehrad and Saina Salarian
digital image painting by Aylar Dastgiri
music stream by ROW92



FLAM festival of live art Amsterdam
Thanks to FLAM crew, Aida Alizadeh and Dorsa Jalali

TAMASHA is a temporary title for a long term dialogue that katerina and setareh had in the past years. This dialogue is nomadic and wanders through places, contexts and articulations. 

As a practice TAMASHA engages with
wondering, walking and gazing at/in a view,
while moving and framing,
image is seen in its ephemerality
and what is left out of the frame
is imagined constantly.

TAMASHA invites multiple gazes and welcomes screens.

We propose
skin as a surface
space as a skin
screen as a space.

reyhan is holding the mirror in the park
kat is holding the beamer in the gallery
setareh is holding the phone in the park
saina is holding the tablet in the gallery
row is playing from her studio in tehran
ayda is taking photos in the gallery
dorsa is recording the zoom call in setareh’s house