/Landing into smooth surfaces
with Katerina Bakatsaki

Content (concept and week to week outline):

In this workshop we work with the concept of TAMASHA (which is a Farsi word for
wondering, walking and gazing at/in a view) as a choreographic practice. This way of seeing
requires moving and framing in itself as a way to receive images in a temporal frame and
imagine the parts that are constantly left out of that frame.

We will be working with the idea of mobility and migration and the co-living bodies that are
travelling between different emo-socio-economical contexts.

Walking assignments outside, sharing time and dancing with g(ue/ho)sts and hands on physical
work are the core activities that we will be engaging with. Parallax as an ability to see (and
imagine) two or more images at once, a feeling of absence which can suggest the possibility of
the multiplicity of presences in the room is one of the tools that we will be using to explore the
specific and non-specific relation of on&off-line spaces and bodies to their surroundings.
We will address the notion of what is being viewed as “surface” and “smooth space”. Seeing, as
a ‘tactile’, or rather ‘haptic’ experience, as distinguished from a strictly optical one.

Skin as surface.
Space as skin.
Screens as space.

Objectives and assessment criteria:

The participants will be able to:

- Link research into gaze with development of choreographic practice
- Analyse the problematics of looking at and being looked at in a performative and social
set up.
- See the potentials of cohabiting with on & off-line bodies and live images and question
their ethics and aesthetics.
- Reflect on different forms of togetherness and practice hosting different forms of

Literature, websites, background:

Parallax, N.S.Haghighian
Seeing Studies, N.S.Haghighian _ A.Sepahvand
Secret Teachings In Art Of Japanese Gardens. David A. Slawson
Corridor of Space China, Modernists, and the Cybernetic Century. J. Krikke
Buzjani geometry, Abu al-Wafa' Buzjani
The Tactile Eye. Jennifer M. Barker
On touching, Karen Barad
Glitch-feminism, Legacy Russell
Queer phenomenology orientations objects others, Sara Ahmed


a workshop
one week workshop (5 days, 5.5 hrs pDay)
for 5-10 participants + their guests at home

Inviting a guest

As part of working with the concept of TAMASHA (a Farsi word for wondering, walking and gazing at/in a view), we (Katerina and Setareh) want to welcome the gaze of the g(eu/ho)sts that can not be in-person in the studio with us. To share time while the space is not sharable.

Frames, lenses, screens and cables will be our companions.
Hosting, hostage, hospitality, migrations and co-living bodies will be concepts that we wish to touch.


This is an invitation for you to invite one person from afar,
who you care for and who cares for you and for what you do (at school)
      who would be interested / curious to participate, under your hospitality
whose context and daily conditions you know well of

together with your guest you are invited to curate and negotiate the when, why and how of their presence.
When: together you can choose when they will be present or not
Why: your and their motivations may differ, and therefore needs too
How: through which devices you/they would like to be connected

The activities they will be welcome to engage with are:
    • dancing (miss/ interpretations welcome) in 809 and in our rooms
    • working with simple shared assignments that include (walking in) public space
    • reading and talking

We will work from Monday till Thursday (14-17th of June) between 10:00 and 17:00 hr, with a few hours only accessible for sndo students (no guests) which we will inform you later about.

In the time accessible to all, together with your guest, you can choose when they will be present or not.

Having guests will enrich y/our experience but it’s up to you to take it on or leave it out.
If you have any questions please contact us on