with Holly Childs
  Jane , Sonia, Robert & Mani


at the same time in Adelaide and Moon

Somewhere to paste
Trace of our conversations
Found a language through this

—I feel that the fruit tablecloth is such a star.

—For me the almond tree is very, very present. Because both your mum and your dad showed us the almonds, there’s something about it.

—What are the mountains made of? The ones in the distance? They’re very much dirt mountains. Islands in the south are more fancy minerals, and this is very much sand more than anything around Tehran area.

—I love that they are dirt mountains. Can you walk on them?
—Yeah yeah yeah, they are amazingly climbable.
—How far away are they from your parents house?
—It’s a mountain city so they see huge mountains from their house
—70km /2.5 hours away from Tehran because of mountain roads to the Caspian Sea, that other side of the mountains is totally Blue Mountains-ish covered in trees

my name is written on this cup(ستاره)
I think that’s why sonia filmed it
then she went on the mirror showed me her face and then her childhood photo

At first, I thought that this next photograph was of Setareh’s parents, and I was sitting next to my parents who were staring into this photograph in a bizzaro alternate reality, looking at themselves like a mirror screen vortex connecting our four parents. But this is aunty and uncle instead.

The book’s title : future woman زن آینده

It’s Sonia’s favorite uncle. He passed away few years ago.
Ah I’m so sorry </3

Am I here?

It does not save my images…
I’ll keep trying
Text works better
Maybe I just type

mani: “ Is Adelaide close to the sea?”
setareh: “Let’s see. Ah the Ocean. What’s the name? Pacific (Aaraam).”

mani: “ what’s the latitude?”
setareh: “ I think it must be like our Bandar Abbas”
How is the weather in Adelaide? Is it very close to the sea?
It takes about 20 minutes in a car to get from my parents’ house to the beach
Holly: “takes about 20 minutes from my parents house to the beach
And the climate is…..cold monsoon[I don’t know how to type it]
The climate scientists need to work more to figure it out

Southern indian ocean”

setareh: “Ah thought it’s pacific”
Great Australian Bight
As a child i thought it was called “bite” because it looks like someone has taken a bite, but it is “bight” like “a curve or recess in a coastline, river, or other geographical feature”


We figured out it’s saint vincent gulf.

sonia: “setareh do you know how big is their garden?”
setareh: “ I know as much as you know maman. It looks very big.”
sonia: “ Feels like Holly’s Mom knows the plants, lives with them...something familiar.”
sonia: “ Mani, why don’t you sit back and relax while watching this?”
mani: “ I need to see it from close.”
holly’s mom: “ Cherries will be here soon.” minute 5

setareh: “ baba, did you see the blossoms. It’s spring there.Is this one Atlasi?”.
mani: “ that’s Khatmi I think.”

screenshot telling as a way to tell the stories
missing the moment that you want to capture
capturing moments that might have been missed
a shared choice between their eyes, their camera, my eyes, my fingers, the dock, the butterfly, cables under the oceans, level of compression vs. internet bandwidth
The dock
The butterfly (Shaaparak)

Oh distant mountains

This is the workshop,

Who’s cutting metal?

One of those rice brooms

There’s a stool near the door

Ah the kitchen!

It looks like the house that grew

Hm there’s their stone wall

In the gate again

Look like poplars in the distance

Some of them look like pine

That’s a wire round the bottom of it

Perhaps they have possums (laughs)

They have the same problem. Look at the leaves. I wonder what that is. Can you rewind?

What’s that box?
Ah their composting
That’s huge

Where’s this, in Tehran, Iran
What is that box, tank?
Up very high and there’s not much balustrade, but he does have grapes
Dad says “damn, they have grapes!”
“A damn sight better than our grapes”
It’s unstructured, upstairs, downstairs, through gates etc

Looks like it should be landscape doesn’t it, but that the phone has decided it should be portrait
Ah! There’s our wheelbarrow
The right hand side should be down, and ... yeah

It’s a little tank of water... oh it’s a well, and that’s were it previously was, wood pile for the winter
That looks like a fire! It is
And here’s the kitchen again
It looks as though they’ve got a gas stove
Are they mangosteens Rob?