مادر جون


-Salam,this is Setareh.
-Ha,My treasure,How are you?Are you ok?
-I'm ok.How are you?
-Thanks to God we are good.
-You are ok.What's up?
-So you are ok,right?
-I'm good.Perfect.Yes.
-So,everything is fine?
-Where are you?Are you alone?
-What dear?
-Are you alone at home?
-Yes .I am talking to the walls.I turned on the satellite TV.They show Aasi and The forbidden love!
-How is your foot?your back?

-Forget about my foot.It's fine.
-It's ok?
-So should buy ticket for you to come here and dance with me?
-Yes,sure.Buy me a ticket to come. Inshallah. I will do the dance that I was doing 30,40,50 years ago.
-Look at me. With all the miseries in my life I want to live 14 more years! This is really amazing, isn't it? I want to see your husband,your kids.
-14 years is not enough make it 20.
-20 years! No..That's too much for me.
-Ok go my treasure.Your phone bill will be huge.
-No,no. I don't wanna go. I want to talk to you. I need you.
-What do you need me for?
-I sacrifice myself for you! I will sell bracelet and my gold and give it to you.
-No my love you don't have to sell anything you own.



-Tell me when were you born and where?
-I was born in 1304 ,the 6th of Khordad,in the holy Mashhad.
-That's right.

-Aha.What?Your mother was living in Russia!
-Yes my mother and my father.They were all Caucasian.
-They were living in Caucasia!
-Wow.So I have some Russian blood from your side!
-Really!I didn't know!
-Our youngest uncle they all come from Soviet union(USSA).My mother and my father were adults when they came.My father was a soldier.When the Bolshevik ,I don't know world war(Revolution) has started they all migrated to Mashhad.
-We are talking about which years?
-I don't know!
-You remember the story you told me about the girls who came from the Soviet Union?
-They came during the 2nd world war!
-ok.How old were you at that time?
-What happened?…Say it again! When was I dancing?
-I was 12 years old.I finished the 6th grade and I wanted to enter high school but my grandfather didn't let me to.He said the Russian soldiers are kidnapping the girls.Mashhad was full of those soldiers.They didn't let me go.
-How did you meet these Russian girls?
-All our neighbors,any one who had two or three spare room ,they gave it to these people who came from Russia.When the world warII started,they rented their room to those who got refugees.
-So you were 12 when you were dancing with them?
-Afarin. Afarin.Yes,they were coming to our house and we also had some percussions to play for them to dance.They were dancing and we learned it from them.
My father was a wise,simple and calm man. But my grandfather was always arguing with me.Yes.He said they are dirty!Many time he saw us with the instrument and he just broke it right away.
So it continued dancing like that,even after I got married.In any celebrating occasions,people were inviting us ,me and Asghar to dance.We were the head of the dancers.It was a tradition to dance in front of someone until he stands up and dance.
I don't have foot anymore.If I had foot I would dance.My dance was fast.I was not dancing slow.I had to [jump] up and down all the time.
-Ok go your phone bill..!
-Ok,Mersi Madarjoon. I will call you soon again.
-My Darling.When do your parents come back?
-I don't know I will call them now to see when they go back to Tehran.
-I told your father that they should stay there as much as they can.Valla,this polluted dirty weather has no use for them.They should stay there in Turkey. He can also get a Turkish wife,no problem.
-You just take care of men all the time!
-As if I really got benefit of men in my life,but I'm still defending them.
-Ok go my Dear.
-I kiss you. Mersi.
-I also kiss you thousands of times.My dear.
-Take care of yourself.